Amputation Accidents Attorney in Santa Ana, California

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An accident resulting in an amputation of a body part such as a hand, arm, foot, or lower extremity is extremely devastating. It is not simply the physical injury and the hospitalization but the actual radical changes in one's life and as well as the extreme emotional trauma. Such an accident will often time result in a permanent impairment that is such that an individual cannot return to their normal work or even modified work. The emotional damage and ultimately impairment that may ensue from a sudden amputation whether it be the result of a Personal Injury accident or Workers Compensation or both can and often is greater than the loss of function and or physical impairment caused by simply the amputation itself.

If the amputation is a result of a sudden violent and or unexpected act then an experienced Workers Compensation attorney will seek to obtain the appropriate increase in permanent disability benefits. As of January 01, 2013 there are limitations for individuals seeking to claim additional permanent impairment due to emotional and or psychological damage. One of the exceptions to such limitation is the case of a sudden traumatic amputation caused by work. These injuries may be classified as catastrophic. You should consult an experienced Workers Compensation attorney if you have suffered this type of accident who can better explain all of your rights under the labor code.

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