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Work on construction sites is to say the least often times very pair less. Construction site accident claims come in 2 (two) separate forms. They can either be a specific injury claim such as a fall off a roof, sudden injury to the spine back or hand, or the result of injury to the body parts that occur over a period of time due to the extremely heavy and aggregate nature of construction work. Construction accidents can also in many instances can rise to a separate personal injury claim. This can occur when another individual or individuals other than your employer caused or contributed to your accident. If this is the case then it is very important that you consult an attorney that has experienced in handling what are known as cross over cases.

Cross over cases which are both a Worker Compensation injury as well as a Personal Injury claim against a party other than your employer. I have many years of experience in dealing with such cross over claims. Most personal injury attorneys do not handle Workers Compensation claims as the field of Workers Compensation is far too complicated. Conversely most Workers Compensation attorneys do not handle Personal Injury claims. My office handles both. The legal issues involved in Workers Compensation are much different than Personal Injury as Workers Compensation is no fault system of the law. This means that your fault or that of your employer is generally irrelevant unless they have done something that is a grossly negligent. Personal Injury litigation does involve the issue of fault and or negligence by one party or the other.

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