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Look no further for a slip-and-fall attorney in Santa Ana, CA

Not all accidents that occur on someone else's property are the result of negligence or carelessness, but many are. A dedicated slip-and-fall attorney can uncover the truth and fight for justice on your behalf.

At Hugh Gregg Law in Santa Ana, CA, an experienced attorney will help you seek the compensation you deserve. Call 714-543-4911 now to schedule a free consultation with attorney Gregg.

Focusing on all aspects of personal injury law

More than just a slip-and-fall attorney, Mr. Gregg handles personal injury claims involving…

  • Amputations: Attorney Gregg can help you seek damages for the physical and psychological trauma you endured.
  • Dog bite injuries: Attorney Gregg is the son of a veterinarian, so he can provide unique insight into your case.
  • Other traumatic injuries: Attorney Gregg has extensive experience advocating for victims of assault, automotive accidents and workplace accidents.

Reach out today to speak with a construction, motor vehicle or dog bite injury attorney in Santa Ana, CA.

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