Slip & Fall Accidents Attorney in Santa Ana, California

Slip and fall accidents can give rise to action for Personal Injury or a Workers Compensation accident if it occurred on the job, or sometimes both types of claims. If you suffer a slip and fall or a trip and fall accident on the premises of a business which is not your own, you may have a claim for Personal Injury damages against the owner of the premises. This occurs when the injury in this case the trip and fall or slip and fall occur as a result of a dangerous condition which generally proceeded the trip or slip by some period of time. For example if you slipped in a retailer store or at the super market you may have claim for damages if the substance that you slipped on or the item that you tripped over had been present for a sufficient period of time so that the owner could have or should have taken steps to remove the obstacle or clean up the substance which could lead to the slip and all. These are extremely difficult claims. Preservation of the evidence and witness statements are generally critical.
If you have suffered a slip and fall claim caused by a substance on the floor in the super market or any place of business it is very important that you do not wash or destroy the shoes or clothing you are wearing at the time of the accident. This is because the substance which lead to the slip and fall for example will probably be present on the bottom of your shoes and or in your clothing. Another type of fall injury may be caused by a dangerous condition on property or premises such as a whole or raised concrete on a side walk that was not very obvious to the naked eye. Whether you have a viable claim for injury against the owner of the property or premises will depending on many factors and you should definitely consult an attorney. If there was a surveillance camera present that might have the films of the injury it is very important that you contact an attorney in sufficient time so that send a letter to the owner of the premises warning them to not erase the actual types of the indecent.

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