Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund Attorney in Anaheim, California

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Claims for additional benefits from the Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund are often not pursued at all by less experienced attorneys in the field of Workers Compensation. In such a claim the subsequent injury is most likely the injury that you have just suffered. The previous injury does not have to be an injury at all. Rather it can simply be a pre-existing physical labor disabling impairment such as hypertension, diabetes, pre-existing psychological, pre-existing internal organs such as liver, pancreas, bladder, or sex organs. The pre-existing injury or impairment does not have to be the result of a pre-existing work or personal injury but often time it is caused by a specific incident or cumulative trauma. The criteria concerning eligibility for a subsequent type of claim can be determined by an attorney who is in fact experienced handling such matters.

Whenever you have a Workers Compensation claim of any real substance it is important that the attorney get as many details concerning any pre-existing problems or impairments as discussed above so that he/she may be on the alert as to whether you have such a claim. If you are successful you can be entitled to substantially more permanent disability benefits over your life than you would have simply for the most recent injury which is in this case we are calling the subsequent injury. In some cases, the combination of the pre-existing impairments when added to the subsequent injury you may be entitled to substantial benefits over and above those included in your Worker comp. claim. In additional permanent disability impairments or actually, an additional payment of benefits over your lifetime if you are determined to be 100 percent disabled as a result of a combination of both the pre-existing and subsequent injury.

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